• Pontoon Float
• Tractor
• ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
• High resolution camera
• Time of Flight laser
• Profiling sonar

• Diver Intervention

• Tractor

• ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

• High resolution camera

• Profiling sonar

River Crossing Surveys

Gas, water, and cables river crossings
present special hazards.

• Bathymetric surveys
• Sub-bottom profiling

• Side-scan sonar surveys

• Depth of burial surveys

• Identify problem areas

Treatment Plants
• Pontoon Float
• Tractor
• ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
• High resolution camera

• Time of Flight laser

• Profiling sonar

• 3D sonar unit

Pipe Inspection & Acceptance Testing
Our pipeline pre-acceptance survey offers a range of solutions to
inspect the pipeline, depending on the specification.

• High Resolution CCTV.
• Time of Flight (ToF) laser survey (5 – 10 mm accuracy)

• Pipe Deformation/Ovality Testing

• Pipe Meander Mapping. (5 – 10 cm accuracy)


Overall, while CCTV is a useful tool for sewer inspections, it should not be relied on as the
sole method of inspection. Combining CCTV with other inspection methods, such as sonar
or laser surveys, can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the condition of the sewer line and help to identify issues that may be missed with CCTV alone.


Although we can survey pipes as small as 6” (150 mm), we
specialize in Large Diameter Pipes from 18” (450 mm) and up.

Our integrated-sensor data collection technology can provide you with new and unrivalled definition of your fixed assets.

If you have a challenging inspection or survey problem, our design team can help. We have over 30 years of experience and should be able to assist you.

We have designed & built innovative robotic systems as well as software for specific survey challenges. We transform data into useful information that can be uploaded into Cad type programs.

We collect video & xyz point cloud data above and below water using digital video cameras, time of flight lasers and digital sonars.

Siphons – Skid mounted or Siphon Float
• Long range possible
• Shows sediment buildup
• Pipe diameter
• Pipe shape
• Air pockets

Large Diameter Sewers – our lighting makes the difference
• Integrated sensor surveys
• High resolution images
• High quality frame grabs
• Long range surveys (up to 6,000 ft.)
• High output LED lights for clarity

Typical Obstacles to Culvert Inspection
• Little or no water flow to establish a towline
• Dry to submerged pipe conditions
• Flap gates, other gate structures
• Permanent grating at access
• Corrugated pipe damage
• Years of debris buildup
• Submerged access
• GIS errors

• Identify anchor drags near pipe
• Identify areas of scour
• Identify bare pipe
• Flood event sediment tracking
• ROV Inspections
• Diver Intervention

Egg Shape Pipes
Specialty builds for challenging areas.

For instance, we have conducted CCTV, Sonar and Laser surveys in approximately 17,000 ft. of Egg Shape pipe.

Pipe Meander Mapping  

For up to date information please ask for our PDF information.

Our 3D mapping systems are used for high accuracy XYZ underground sewer and other pipe positioning. CCTV as well as pipe ovality surveys can be completed at the same time.

• High resolution 12 mega pixel video, see small details clearly
• Time of Flight 3D laser, accuracy to 5 mm with a dense point-cloud

• RTK GPS 2 cm elevation accuracy, calculate gradients between MHs

• GIS ready data, install ready