We have developed a system that can profile through drilling mud

Survey down 1,000’ (300 m) depth or more, Up to 60’ diameter or larger.

The system can be shipped by air cargo.

Carries marine cameras, sonars, & client specified sensors

An in house designed system that can be deployed through 6” boreholes
Depths of 1,000’ attainable

170 ft. range

Better than 10 mm accuracy.


Deliverables include processed images as well as XYZ point clouds

CAD ready data

Flooded mine stope surveyed through five boreholes 6 inch diameter

Our survey was used to correct old drawings

Rock drilled borehole, above water

Sonar cross-section image of an excavated deep (1,400’) pile. The image shows two large boulders that impeded the bucket.

Use for volume calculations
Tie multiple surveys together
2,500’ system tether lengths available
Useful sonar range of 50 m
Sound footprint, approx.3% of range
Tie into local co-ordinate systems.

3D laser for dry stopes

Rock drilled borehole, below water. 

Through drilling mud

Minimum borehole dia.  6 inch

Meshed sonar XYZ data

Sonar data showed extent of cracks

Profiling sonar for below water surveys
Marine camera for above and below water

3,000’ system tether lengths available

Useful sonar range of 50m

Minimum sonar range 2 inches

Sound footprint, approx. 3% of range.

Tie into local co-ordinate systems.

Ruggedized system

Software & Hardware.

Quick solutions for emergency work.

30 yrs of experience in problem solving.


Selected Sonar Cross-Section