Benefits of AquaCoustic Surveys.
AquaCoustic uses a range of technologies to survey dams and reservoirs, including:

  • Scanning sonar
  • Boat mounted profiling sonar & laser
  • Survey through ice
  • Video
  • 3D sonar
  • 3D laser
  • Inspection class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).


In addition to the usual sensors for dam inspections, AquaCoustic has designed and built portable 3D SONAR and 3D LASER systems that can be deployed in a variety of ways.
AquaCoustic can provide accurate data to help in ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and environmental sustainability of dams and reservoirs.

Inspection Class ROV

  • Capture video images of scour areas, sink holes and trash racks
  • Sonar scanning in confined areas
  • 3D Sonar profiling
  • Dye testing for water currents
  • Tunnel inspection, sonar and video

CAD ready data:

  • Rock trap volume surveys. Identify and measure scour patterns and undermining from plunge pools or sink holes.
  • We provide slope measurements from a single point.
  • Gather detailed data from hard-to-reach areas such as under overhangs, floating structures or vertical dam faces.
  • Accurate data can be obtained up to the shoreline or beside vertical faces where boat soundings are not reliable.

High current conditions

  • The profiling sonar system provides better than 12 mm (0.5 in measurements at close range.
  • Our laser profiler provides better than 8 mm accuracy.
  • Combined Sonar and Laser surveys for a complete understanding of asset conditions.

Angle of repose using Sonar below water, laser above

  • Determine earthquake values by accurate measurement of dam slope profiles from a single point.
  • AquaCoustic uses a single beam profiling sonar to profile the underwater portion of the survey area and a profiling laser above water
  • Obtained data up to the shoreline or beside vertical structures where boat soundings are not reliable.

Tunnel inspections

  • Pipe size verification
  • Condition assessment
  • Sediment or debris identification.
  • Pre- and post-repair quality control.
  • Repeat surveys to monitor conditions.
  • Measure stop log guides, gates or other structures.
Cliff Face Survey, Lake Powell