Bore hole deliverables
This image is part of the deliverables for a borehole sonar survey, note the angled soft stratum.

• Hardware and software was developed in house
• Produces an underwater 3D point cloud (XYZ data)

• Approximately 2 cm accuracy


Mine surveys provide valuable historical records that can be used for future reference. The data
collected during a mine survey can be used to create detailed maps and records that document the
mine's development over time. These records can be used to track changes in the mine's structure and to identify potential areas of concern or improvement.

Mine Stope deliverables
This images shows sonar data of a flooded 200 by 300 meter mine stope. Five different boreholes where gather all data.

Flooded or dry
• Survey 4 to 5 boreholes per day
• Tie multiple surveys together
• 2,500’ system tether lengths available
• Useful sonar range of 100 m
• Sound footprint, approx. 3% of range

Tailings pond deliverables
This image shows tailings pond bathymetry with the flooded  vegetation digitally removed.

• Using RTK GPS technology for better than 2 cm elevation     accuracy

• Survey up dam faces

• Survey up the shoreline to the water level• XYZ data and CAD   drawings included in the report