Survey Equipment Available with Operator:

Six Wheel Amphibious ATV

Propane powered, comes with 16ft cargo trailer

Hydraulic Tow Winch

Up to 10,000ft of rope

Explosion Proof Fan

1.5 HP fan comes with 6500 Honda Generator

Manhole Scanning Units

Inspection units with high definition cameras and ToF lasers for 3D imaging

Purpose Built Pipe ROV

Used for outfalls, culverts and sewer lines

Inspection Winches

Up to 6,000ft electro fiber cable

Inspection Class ROV

Used for outfalls & other underwater inspections

Tractor Work Platform
Comes with 6", 10" and 14" Wheels
  • 2,000ft, 4 wheel drive, skid steer tractor
  • 1080p camera
  • Pontoon floats
  • Electric winches with 1,200ft to 6,000ft of electro fiber, ¼” steel cable.
  • Rope tow winch if required

Systems are able to deploy 1080p Video, LiDAR, SONAR and gas/temperature sensors.

Benefits of our 1080P Marine Video Cameras 

The frame grab on the right shows a 214% digital zoom of the image to the left

We're Looking for N. American Partners 
Rent our Integrated Sensor Units with an operator, use your own personnel and vehicles and we will process the data and deliver a comprehensive report to you.