• We have developed a system that can profile through drilling mud
  • Survey down 3,000’ (900 m) depth or more
  • The system can be shipped by air cargo
    The image above is the start of an air shaft.
  • An in house designed system that can be deployed through 6” boreholes
  • Depths of 1,000’ attainable
  • Better than 0.5" accuracy, depending on range

This image shows the top of a 6” borehole used to ensonify a flooded mine stope.


  • Survey 4 to 5 boreholes per day
  • Tie multiple surveys together
  • 2,500’ system tether lengths available
  • Useful sonar range of 100 m
  • Sound footprint, approx. 3% of range
  • We use Total Stations and GPS units.

This image shows sonar XYZ data of a flooded 200 by 300 meter mine stope. Five different boreholes where used.

  • Hardware and software was developed in house
  • Produces an underwater 3D point cloud (XYZ data)
  • Approximately 2 cm accuracy

This image is part of the deliverables of a deep excavated bridge pile  sonar survey, note the angled soft stratum.

Bore hole deliverables

Borehole Surveys

Mine stope 3D

Mine survey deliverables