Laser Data of a Dock Face:
• Above water infrastructure surveys
• 3 mm resolution
• Dense XYZ point cloud

• Import into any CAD program

Dock Face Scour Survey

AquaCoustic has developed a method of high accuracy scans
• The system can resolve concrete spalling as small as 0.5”
• The data is tied to a single point for more control and accuracy

• The light-weight system can be deployed from the dock and can survey the dock face as well as the ship’s berth


AutoCAD over sonar survey:
A marina survey was conducted to obtain detailed bottom feature information. The marina wanted to expand the number of berths available and this survey was instrumental in a plan change to benefit from the bottom features found.

Pre- build shoreline survey:
Due to the extremely shallow waters along this stretch of shoreline, we used our 14 ft. inflatable with our bathymetric survey pole attached.
The survey equipment is fastened onto a machined aluminum pole. The pole is fastened onto a swivel bracket that allows the pole to rotate from horizontal (for travel) to vertical for the survey.

The survey pole holds:


• IMU (motion reference unit)

• Profiling Laser

• Profiling Sonar

• Video Camera

Collect angle of repose data from under pile docks