AquaCoustic is a survey company in the Geomatics field. Geomatics is an umbrella term for the tasks of
gathering, processing, modeling, integration, and the visualization of spatially referenced information.
We use remote sensors including lasers and sonar scanners combined with computer programs to understand and present spatial data.
Geomatics can be used to assess the risk of failure or other catastrophic events. This may involve creating
detailed models, which can be used to simulate different scenarios and assess the potential impact of various
hazards. Geomatics can also be used to monitor slope stability over time, detecting any signs of deformation or other potential problems. The information is also used to identify areas that require maintenance or repair. 

The data is converted to useable information for computer modeling.

We deliver the information that allows our clients to make meaningful decisions
AquaCoustic can provide accurate spatial data to municipalities. Some of the common areas of
Managing water resources
Identifying areas at risk of flooding
Managing municipal infrastructure
Identifying areas at risk of erosion
Planning and managing storm water systems
Mapping and managing geologic hazards such as sinkholes
Conducting surveys of underground infrastructure such as pipes and cables
River bottom movement over pipe and cable river crossings
Bridge and bridge abutment surveys
Creating accurate 3D models of water treatment facilities
Creating accurate 3D models of various structures
Cliff wall survey for water intake pipes, Arizona