• Depth of cover

• Internal siphon surveys

• Outfalls

• ROV surveys

• Diver intervention


Bathymetric surveys
• Survey under obstructions
• Illustrate river bottom trends
• Slope hazard identification
• Capture exposed pipe data
• Capture scour patterns over time
• CAD ready XYZ data

ROV survey
• External Pipe Survey
• Catenary Identification

• Bottom Material

• Pipe Condition Visual Survey

  Sonar Span Measurements

We can help you make sure that scour has not exposed your pipelines to hazards such as suspensions or tension. With an exposed pipe, debris can buildup on one side of the pipe creating tremendous tension forces.

• Shoreline laser surveys
• Slope hazard identification
• Pipe, cable suspension identification
• Pipeline location, meander and profile

• River bottom & scour analysis

• Site photographs


Our Laser and Sonar unit can be deployed from a Small Vessel.

We use a simple pole mounted unit that has an RTK GPS antenna, IMU, laser unit, video camera and sonar; all mounted on a machined pole. This allows for use on vessels of convenience as well as our own 14’ inflatable.

Collect bottom data under floating obstructions