Rendered Sonar Data

This image shows a bathymetric survey of a High Density Polyethylene Pipe river crossing. The sonar mainly shows the saddle weights and not the HDPE pipe itself.


AutoCAD Drawing
The image above shows the pipe elevation under a river. The depth of cover can also be seen.

Side Scan Sonar Image
This image shows disturbed rip-rap pipe protection.
Side scan sonar illustrates bottom conditions and can alert
engineers to possible hazards to the pipe.

Pipeline risks are compounded by the fact that a scour, degradation, and lateral
movement risk assessments are seldom performed at most crossings

Shoreline Laser Scans

Combine underwater sonar with above water laser for a more complete picture.

Sub-bottom Sonar Image

This image shows the gas pipe exposed and above the river bottom. Sub-bottom profiling gives depth of burial in most conditions.

Exposed pipelines are vulnerable to long-term issues such as abrasion and
corrosion and short-term issues such as direct attacks from hydraulic forces or
debris during high flows. These issues are critical to maintenance costs.
Sub-bottom sonar survey, shows depth of burial with pipe shown in red