Our 3D sonar unit was deployed without shutting down the water flow.  

Inundation Studies

In some instances a specific sonar profile indicates additional information that may be helpful, or shows unexpected anomalies or features. For this reason selected profiles may be included in the report.


Tunnel inspection data

Using profiling sonar the percentage of flow restriction can be calculated. Tunnel diameter, volume of build-up, damage, turbulence or other information is also provided as a table.

Along with the data tables, we use high resolution video cameras to produce highly detailed frame grabs for our reports.

Inspection Class ROV
Our 1000 feet depth rated remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has a high resolution camera as well as scanning and profiling sonars a fiber optic umbilical ensures video quality. The ROV is capable of two knots under water.


The high resolution digital video camera can be used to capture images of scour areas, sink holes and trash racks. A system to introduce dye can be implemented to test for water currents.

Our 3D, high resolution scanning sonar produces high definition CAD ready data. This may indicate scour patterns, position of construction joints, and type and size of debris. A mosaic of these images can be overlaid on a 3D wire mesh surface.

3D Sonar Rock Trap Survey

Trash Rack Survey 

Collect accurate water volumes with sonar. While above water laser profiles can calculate volume changes with rises in water level.

Sonar data showing spalling on a dam face.