• Collect data up to the shoreline or
vertical structures
• Measure undermining or scours
• Obtain detailed XYZ data from under docks, overhangs, floats or vessels
• Small acoustic footprint

• Volume measurements for dredging


Port surveys can identify maintenance and repair needs for port facilities such as berths and wharves. By addressing these needs in a timely manner, port operators can minimize downtime and increase operational efficiency, which can translate into cost savings and increased revenue.

Floating Structures:
Precise knowledge of ship’s berth and channel conditions is essential both for safety and to maximize the capacity of a port. AquaCoustic port surveys provide scour analysis and pre- and post-dredge assessments, and are able to provide data from under pile docks or while vessels are berthed.

AquaCoustic provides detailed information on the condition under floating structures such as ferry berths, floating bridges, bridge abutments, marina docks, and other floating or fixed structures.

“I would recommend your services to anyone interested in obtaining accurate, cost effective sea bottom information.”

Andy Cook, Manager, Planning and Design, Prince Rupert Port Authority.

• Depending on water depth, we can work from the dock
• Collect sonar data from under finger docks and vessels
• An electric outboard is used to avoid noise and pollution

• Better than 2 cm horizontal and vertical accuracy

Economical enough to demonstrate regular inspections.

• We provide CAD ready XYZ data points
• Detailed 3D sonar surveys
• Detailed 3D laser surveys
• Measure caisson undermining

• Measure the angle of repose under a pile dock.