Mine stopes 3D
The 3D Sonar and/or Laser Profiler unit can be deployed through a bore hole or opening as small as 6” (150 mm). The Sonar profiler depth rating is for 1,000m (3,200 ft.)

System Specifications:
• Stepper motor angle 0.3 degrees
• IMU (motion reference unit)
• Sonar resolution 25 mm (1”)

• Sonar range 120 m, useable 50 m

• Sonar beam spread approx. 3% of range depending on frequency.

• Positioning with RTK GPS or Total Station 

  Initial bearing is established with a theodolite on the unit


We have developed a system that can:
• Profile through drilling mud.

• Survey down 3,000’ (900 m) depth or more

• Be shipped by air cargo

Mine surveys provide critical information about the mine's physical properties. They play a role in ensuring the safety of workers, increasing the efficiency of mining operations, reducing costs, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing valuable historical records.

Tailings pond bathymetry

Detailed bathymetric surveys

Digitally remove flooded debris from the resulting bottom features

Obtain water volumes

Bathymetric survey of a flooded open pit mine