Our integrated-sensor data collection technology can provide you with new and unrivalled definition of your fixed assets

If you have a challenging inspection or survey problem, our design team can help. We have over 30 years of experience and should be able to assist you.

We have designed & built innovative robotic systems as well as software for specific survey challenges. We transform data into useful information that can be uploaded into Cad type programs.

We collect video & xyz point cloud data above and below water using digital video cameras, time of flight lasers and digital sonars.

We develop and continuously improve our unique and system-based data analysis software.

Since 1993, civil engineers have used our data to prioritize remedial work for their fixed assets. We are an infrastructure pre-engineering firm that develops unique data gathering solutions.

Our data helps you prioritize areas of concern and can be instrumental in reducing cost of repairs.

We control the data from collection to deliverables without outsourcing; therefore, we respond to client input directly and completely.

AquaCoustic has unique patented technologies, customizable for your survey solutions.

If you have any technical questions please phone or email us & we’d be happy to help you find an answer.